Sunday, December 18, 2011

Miss Rosie

Miss Rosie-

My little “woof woof” crossed over the Rainbow Bridge today at 3:40. This sweet senior soul was a true light in my world. As her foster mom, the pain of this loss is so very real-my heart is aching. She was a valiant Boston lady in every sense of the word. At 10 small pounds, she still stood tall among all around her to the very end. Rosie got me out of bed every morning at 5 AM wanting to eat and go outside for her walk and I gladly did this because I love her. For the past three years, Rosie and I have spent a lot of time at the vet’s office trying to successfully extend her life here. She was such a good patient and she tried very hard and bravely to live a good but compromised life.

Rosie and I had a very long talk before she crossed over and she told me she was ready to go and be free of pain and disease now. I had the honor of holding my sweet baby girl until she drew her last breath. I wanted to be selfish and keep her here longer but I loved her too much and followed her wishes.

She will always hold a big part of my heart but she leaves me with such wonderful and funny memories. Rest in peace Rosie and wait for me over the Bridge. I will see and hold you again. Don’t give away all of my sweet Rosie kisses. Tell Miss Lillie that I miss her still but now you both can run, play and be carefree “bostie” girls again.

I love you dear Rosie.

Jo-Ellyn G. Vincent, President

Sunday, November 13, 2011


Sweetie was abandoned by her lifetime owners to the Montgomery Animal Shelter because she was “too old for them”. Boston Terrier Rescue of Alabama was contacted and asked if we would make room for a senior Boston eleven (11) years old. Of course we said yes and I drove to Montgomery on July 28, 2011 and brought Miss Sweetie to my house. She was and still is very scared on any person that raises their hands in any fashion. This indicates to me that she has been hit on more than one occasion.

Recently I noticed a knot on Sweetie’s left back hip. I thought that maybe it was just swelling from a vaccination. Several weeks passed and the knot did not disappear-in fact, another knot appeared right next to it. I have taken Sweetie to the veterinarian and the knots have been removed and were sent for a pathology diagnosis. Sadly Miss Sweetie has cancerous tumors. Both have been removed but according to the pathology report, other cancerous tumors will invade her body and need removing in the future. The report stated that with oversight and prompt removal of the tumors, her lifespan is expected to be approximately two (+) years.

Boston Terrier Rescue of Alabama needs your financial help in paying for Sweetie’s veterinary surgery bills and to put aside for her future surgeries. She is a wonderful girl in spite of the abuse in her former life. To help a sick animal recover is a very rewarding feeling and I hope that you will go to that special place in your heart to give this senior girl a chance. I promise to do my part in watching for the reoccurring tumors and getting her immediate help but I will need you to help me financially to sustain her health.

As a senior citizen myself, I would hope that someone would help me in my time of need. Sweetie can not ask you for help-she must depend on me to do it for her. As you all know, BTRA is strictly a non-profit incorporation. We have no paid staff, overhead costs, or unpaid bills. You are our only source of funding for these precious but often times ill Bostons. Sweetie’s vet bill for the evaluation, surgery, after-care and medications is $740.00. I do not know what the future costs for Miss Sweetie will be but you can depend on BTRA to put any extra donations aside for her care.

Thank you all in advance for helping Sweetie. I hold her each night before putting her to bed, wrap her in a warmed blanket and let her know that she will not be forsaken or left in need in any way. Whatever time she has left will be spent in a loving and caring environment. She will know that she is important and that she will never be “thrown away” again.


Jo-Ellyn Vincent
President, BTRA

P.S. Sweetie would also like your prayers and thoughts. She knows that money pays the bills but prayers are powerful medicine. She sends you “bostie” kisses.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Welcome to Boston Terrier Rescue of Alabama New Blog

BTRA has now set up a blog for all of our friends and benefactors.  We hope to keep you all informed about what the rescue is doing and the status of the Boston terriers in our care.  Hopefully you all will find this forum helpful and informative.  Please feel free to share your thoughts with us so that we can better serve our family of animal friends.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Mission Statement

Boston Terrier Rescue of Alabama (BTRA) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the welfare of the Boston Terrier canine breed.  BTRA takes any Boston Terrier and Boston Terrier mix regardless of age, temperament, and/or medical condition, and conducts re-homing of these Boston Terriers through adoptions.  All Boston Terriers are spayed/neutered before placement, vaccinated, and all known medical conditions are addressed and treated as appropriate.  Boston Terriers are placed in the loving homes of volunteers where they are assessed for personality, and then they are carefully matched to a forever home that will provide the very best environment for the Boston Terrier.

BTRA makes every effort possible in assuring the best possible future for the adopting family and, most importantly, for the Boston Terrier being placed.  A lengthy screening and education process is done before an application is approved.  An adoption contract is completed, and post-placement follow-up is done.  An adoption fee is charged to cover the tremendous veterinary expenses incurred by BTRA.

All members of BTRA are volunteers who are Boston Terrier owners themselves and are deeply dedicated to the welfare and safety of the breed.  Every member of our team undergoes the same screening process that is applied to all potential adopters.  Over the course of the past few years, our volunteers have driven hundreds of miles across the Southeast to rescue Boston Terriers in need.  BTRA volunteers have participated in screening potential adopters and have educated each other in the best ways to care for and train a Boston Terrier.  BTRA volunteers have worked dog fairs and fund raisers to generate donations to help with expenses.  Most importantly, though, is that each member has opened his/her home and heart to assist BTRA in caring for rescued Boston Terriers while they are in foster care.

All medical-care decisions are made by one or more of BTRA’s board members, all of whom have worked with various other rescue organizations prior to the establishment of BTRA.  We have several excellent veterinarians across Alabama from which we receive counseling and guidance.  In addition, we work closely with other rescue organizations.  Prior to our inception, we have individually rescued and re-homed in excess of 350 Boston Terriers.  Our collaborative rescue efforts in 2010 will likely double the number of Boston Terriers rescued during 2009.  We are a growing organization with dedicated, responsible, and goal-focused members who appreciate the tremendous generosity of our many contributors in offering financial assistance to support our labor of love.